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Our Sales Training and Sales Management Development Services

Using our extensive sales and sales management expertise, we have developed a comprehensive range of sales training programmes designed to develop the most important sales skills and selling techniques in order to achieve improved levels of sales performance.

Our approach to sales training can be summed up in four words:

Our training begins by developing an awareness of the key factors responsible for sales performance.

This initial awareness is then further develop into a complete understanding of all the elements that taken together produce sales performance.

In the right developmental environment, this understanding is then translated into Insight into the trainee's own business situation.

Finally, these insights then form the basis of a personal action plan that each trainee formulates to improve their sales performance.

Our unique sales training programme comprises the following elements:

Sales Training
Our interactive and motivational workshops are designed to create the confidence and commitment to put new sales skills into practice. The sales training programmes can either work as a refresher to boost sales performance or as a comprehensive training programme for the whole sales team. Each programme aims to help salespeople achieve better structure to their sales calls, identify and qualify more prospects, achieve a better understanding of customer requirements and ultimately win more business.

Strategic Sales Training
Our focus is to provide greater insights into the overall sales process and to introduce more sophisticated sales techniques to deliver value propositions, solution selling and key account planning.

These intensive and stimulating training programmes are designed for sales executives who want to take their sales skills and techniques to a higher level; they are also designed for those who want to create outstanding sales performance. These programmes will help salespeople achieve a better understanding of their customers and their buying processes, clearly identify their competitive advantage, create business development strategies and implement key account planning techniques.

Sales Management Training
Sales management is one of the most vital activities of a business but has typically not received the same level of development enjoyed by other functions.

TMS conducts a range of sales management training to develop the necessary skills of leadership, motivation, team-development and coaching, to create the necessary supportive environment for outstanding sales performance. Our programme will enable salespeople to develop a powerful vision to create a greater sense of purpose and direction, develop high levels of motivation and commitment in their own sales team, develop their coaching skills to raise sales performance whilst creating a positive culture of development to continually raise performance.

For more information on any or our programmes and to discuss your own requirements in more detail please contact TMS on 0845 201 1618 or email us here.