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Strategic Sales Performance - the TMS approach

Strategic Sales Performance

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As strategic marketing consultants we recognise the importance of a strong sales function. Without the correct sales processes and systems in place, supported by a motivated and well-trained sales team, no amount of marketing effort will drive your business forward.

Our consultants have extensive experience in helping clients redesign their current sales functions - including an overview of systems, processes and their approach to sales management -  to become much more effective. We can also provide relevant training where required, from Sales Directors to Field Sales Executives.

The TMS approach to Strategic Sales Development

Our consultants work with collaboratively with clients to look at the key elements of their sales function and to identify improvements required to create a more focussed and effective sales function.

Sales Systems - A thorough analysis of your customer's experience of your business at every step of the purchasing process enables us to develop a consistent approach to Customer Relationship Management. An approach which is always focussed on delivering a fantastic customer experience throughout the customer journey can enable you to further differentiate your business in an increasingly overcrowded marketplace.

Sales Processes - An analysis of Key Account Managment and Key Account Development can identify ways to improve internal sales processes, from finding new customers to winning and then - crucially - to keeping them as customers.

Sales Management Approach and Structure - The tactics used by your sales team and the structure itself of the team need to fit with your market and your customers. We can help identify and then implement the most effective approach and structure required for your business.

Capabilities and competencies of the sales team - If the correct systems, processes and structure are in place, the next logical step is to ensure that everyone involved in the sales process itself - from internal sales people to Sales Directors - has the necesary skills required in order to be able to achieve their sales objectives. Our consultants can devise programmes tailored to each person to provide ongoing training.

To find out more how Total Marketing Solutions can help you and your business achieve greater sales effectiveness, please call us on 0845 201 1618 or email us.