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Digitial Marketing Audit

digital marketing audit

To help our clients ensure that they get the maximum potential return from their investment in digital marketing activities, we have developed a practical approach to analysing the effectiveness of their digital marketing activity - to learn more see our

Digital Marketing Audit presentation here

Help your customers to get the message

For some, email marketing is just a handy tactical tool. The biggest question for them is now to get past spam filters and firewalls. For us, the big question is what part does email marketing play in your overall marketing communications strategy? Is a customer is an online shopper, should you consider dropping them from your offline communications, or does online work better in conjunction with traditional marketing? If your customer has a mobile web browser, is an email a more effective message than an SMS?

These are the types of questions that we will help you to answer by carefully reviewing how your customers buy from you and how you would like them to buy from you in the future.

See our Resources Page for some highly effective Hints & Tips on email marketing for SMEs.

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