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A Rocha - Developing a Marketing Orientated Culture

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A Rocha is a Christian environmental and nature conservation movement based in Southall, West London. They manage a number of projects such as the ‘Livings Waterways’ and ‘Minet Country Park’ in Southall, which directly benefit the local community through environmental improvements. In addition they provide education resources and leadership to the Christian community enabling individuals and groups to reduce their impact and to take better care of the environment.

The need

A Rocha recognised that they needed to change their informal ‘charity’ approach of fund raising to a more commercial and structured approach to marketing. In addition, a core part of their fund raising strategy (and costs) was the running and administration of a membership scheme. The scheme although a source of revenue, was costly to administer, and was ‘perceived’ as a hindrance – rather than an opportunity to create a stronger relationship with their supporters and donors.

The solution

A Rocha worked with Mel Sallis from TMS to understand their drivers for the future and to work with the senior management team to understand how the charity could benefit and use marketing to build a financially stronger organisation, without losing the vision of the founders and its supporters.

Through a series of workshops, market assessments and detailed strategy work, Mel was able to develop a marketing plan and strategy which were supported by management and volunteers alike. The membership scheme was reviewed within the process and the value of the membership was assessed and the scheme re-launched to build long term financial support. The re-launched ‘friends’ scheme and refreshed approach to the brand enabled A Rocha not only to increase individual donations, but also to build the valuable resource and capacity of volunteers. 

Working closely with the management team, the project involved mentoring the key management and board members on the principles and benefits of marketing, and how marketing would compliment their existing approach and work.

The strategic outcomes for the organisation included:

•    Revisiting the vision and mission of the organisation and their competitive position in the ‘crowded’ environment market place. 

•    Donor and market research to understand how to engage the audience.

•    Clarifying and simplifying the A Rocha UK proposition

•    Re-branding of the organization

•    Review of the membership scheme, and re-launch to a ‘friends’ scheme

•    Marketing plan and campaign schedule, to meet the income and engagement targets.

The result

The key result for the organisation was the move to a more commercial led approach. The management team now actively engage in conversations about marketing and the active implementation of the marketing strategy has enabled A Rocha to move the charity forward. Initial targets to increase their ‘friends’ membership to 5000 has been met with the result donations have increased by more than 12% in year 1.
The re-branding of the organisation has now positioned A Rocha as a lead-voice on the environmental expert’s stage, whilst still engaging the small communities throughout the UK.

“The detailed market analysis and donor research, provided valuable insight to educate the management team about their audience and enable them to develop a package of services that met the objectives of the overall organisation – caring for creation.”

Mel Sallis, Consultant.